• Date and time: Monday March 4, 2019 10:00 am — 5:30 pm Add to calendar
  • Location: Arts Centre Melbourne The Pavilion
    Level 8, Arts Centre Melbourne
    100 St Kilda Road
    Melbourne VIC 3004
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Deliver in partnership with the Equity Foundation, this free full-day event is an opportunity to explore the unique health and wellbeing issues associated with being a performer. Attendees will walk away with invaluable tools to navigate their careers while staying healthy and well.

The day will include the following sessions…

LIVING WITH A CREATIVE MIND: This session will help you understand how you are uniquely wired and how you can best manage the challenges of the industry.
PRESENTER: Julie Crabtree, Psychologist

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: During this panel discussion actor and debut documentary filmmaker Ben Steel Ben and producer Sue Maslin will discuss the issues at the heart of the film, the long journey to get it made and air never-before seen clips from the film featuring performers and mental health professionals.
PANELISTS: Ben Steel, Writer/Director/Co-Producer and Sue Maslin, Producer


CREATIVE SELF CARE WORKSHOP: Self-care is essential to keep the creative juices flowing – but is much easier said than done. Whether it’s an opening night, production week, festival season, or grants time; how do you take simple, effective and meaningful steps towards self-care?
PRESENTERS: Tracy Margieson, Project Manager of the Arts Wellbeing Collective and Kirsty Ritchie, Associate Director, Learning and Organisational Development at Arts Centre Melbourne.

MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION FOR PERFORMERS: During this practical session you will learn to create the brain space to be more creative, the importance of breathe and how we use it, as well as several practical exercises; a mindfulness technique, guided meditation, Moment Awareness Technique.
PRESENTER: Deone Zanotto, Mediatation Coach and Owner of Performance Based Meditation. www.pbmeditation.net


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