• Date and time: Thursday April 29, 2021 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm Add to calendar
  • Location: Zoom Webinar

Have you been reflecting on your career and role in the performing arts industry, and thinking you might like to use your skills, strengths and talents in another way?

If so, often one of the biggest challenges when considering a career outside the arts is knowing how to articulate your skills into the language of a different sector. You know you have skills, but if you have trouble positioning those as transferable and relevant, then the application process is tough going.

Whether you’re considering a different career within the arts or a transition outside the arts, this session will give practical tips and techniques for presenting your arts expertise in a way that can enable a career transition. And, we’ll address that pesky problem of what to write when you don’t quite have all those Key Selection Criteria!

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Susan Eldridge

Susan Eldridge. Image by Ingrid Martin.

You might not think that tech consultancy and classical music are obvious bedfellows. But Susan’s successful careers in both these industries are intertwined and interconnected. Success as a tech consultancy founder used all her classical music training.  And now, success as a disrupter in classical music and the arts uses all her business nous. She helps creative people to articulate and wrestle complicated problems, distil them down to something they can grapple with and figure out what to do next.

Here’s a little podcast you might be interested in for fans of Susan’s work. Listen as she interviews highly trained musicians who have built successful careers in law, medicine and business. They share their career stories, how music education is a unique and valuable training for career success in any industry, their transitional skills and how they maintain a musical life and identity.

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